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Protect my Dreams...


32" x 24"

Oil on canvas

During the past two years, the fabric of our lives and the world around us has changed dramatically.  Individually, we have changed too. Our dreams – their very essence - have also been affected. They used to be grand, daring and dazzling. Today, they seem quieter, simpler, and probably more modest, yet, at the same time, more valuable and precious than ever before.  

We wish for our loved ones to be healthy and safe. We long to see our children running on the playground again. We want to hug our friends when we meet them, attend noisy, crowded parties, dance the night away, love and kiss... Lost realities have turned into heartfelt dreams. 

But we should not discard our prior dreams - those big and bold ones. Instead, let’s each of us share our dreams with someone who will cherish them and wish for their realization as much as we do. Invite that special person to keep all the colours of your desires alive by honouring them with a home in the garden of their heart.



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